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Have You Heard About The New Nokia 8? Check Out its Features Here

Nokia is now back in the market with a big bang. Early this year, they released the  new Nokia 3310 but now, they are out with a super phone which promises to be the first of its kind - Nokia 8.


Register a Business Name With CAC, Nigeria in Less Than 3 Weeks Without a Lawyer

Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)  is the body responsible for the registration of Business Names and Company Names in Nigeria.

We all know that business name registration (before) was stressful because you either have to use a lawyer or a professional  who will charge you for his services.


New NOKIA 3310 (2017 Model) Specifications and Price Range.


How to Cancel Etisalat Data Bundle/Plan Auto Renewal

It is common thing that when you subscribe to a data plan with any mobile network provider, they always place you on auto renewal even when you are not interested in auto renewing the plan.
This has constituted a nuisance to some people as the network providers continue to deduct their money anyhow.

If you are an etisalat user, you will realise that no matter the plan yoiu are subscribed to, the same amount of airtime you used to subscribe will be deducted each time you data expires as far as you still have airtime on your line.


Three Profitable Businesses You Can Venture Into and Make Cool Money This Year

It is a very popular practice for people to set out plans for the new year.  Therefore, it is not unlikely that you too have set your plans for the year.  However, some people base their plans on their monthly salaries which, in most cases, may not even be enough.


How To Take Screenshots on Windows Using Prt Sc Key

Some people do not know that every computer comes with a special key that lets you easily capture screenshot.  This key is called Prt Sc.

To take screenshots on a Windows Computer using Prt Sc key,open the image or page you want to screenshot and press the Prt Sc Key.


How to Download Youtube Videos Without Using any Software

Youtube is a very popular site for downloading videos. It is a known fact that before one can download from youtube, you need to have a download manager/downloader or an application that can download from youtube.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to download directly from youtube without using any downloader, be it IDM or youtube downloader.


Step by Step Guide on Liquid Soap Production

NOTE: This is an update of my former post on liquid soap production.

Soaps are produced when fats or oil react with a caustic alkali. This alkaline hydrolysis of fat or oil is called saponification. I am not going to go into real Chemistry here but just to teach you how to produce liquid soap.


Airtel Data Plans and Their Subscription Codes

Recently, Airtel has rolled out different favourable data plans and people have been enjoying their services. This post gives you a wide range of Airtel data bundles/plans and their corresponding subscription codes.


ANTI INADVERTENTLY MODE ON ANDROID PHONES: The function and how to disable it

Have you ever noticed your phone locking itself and showing anti inadvertently mode after removing it from your bag or pocket?  So many users of Tecno Android phone(especially H6 and H7) and some users of infinix android phones have experienced this.


How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Image result for whatsappWhatsapp is a very important chat messenger these days that there is hardly anybody that does not use Whatsapp.  Whatsapp has become part of the daily activities of so many individuals all over the world. People use Whatsapp to chat with their friends, school mates, family members and so on. Even business people make use of Whatsapp application to send messages to clients. 

Since Whatsapp is used everyday by different sets of people, it is not unlikely that one can mistakenly delete some of his Whatsapp messages especially during the era of these touch-screen phones.



Earlier on, I posted how you could check your GTB account balance using SMS.
Image result for gtbank Read from here if you did not see it then.   
Also, I posted how to buy recharge card from your GTB account using SMS. 
You can also read that here.

Today, I want to explain to you how you can send money to people using GTB accounts or other banks without leaving the comfort of your home. All you need is your phone.


Share Special Messages and Adverts with Your Callers Using MTN CallerFeel

MTN CallerFeel is a special service by MTN that allows you express yourself through short messages that will appear on your callers' phone as a pop-up notification when they call your line.

What can you use MTN CallerFeel for?
  1. Advertising - This is a good channel to reach out to your callers when they call you.  You'll be amazed at the result.
  2. Sharing status updates - It is not only on social network or BBM that you can share your updates.  You can also let your callers feel you by using MTN CallerFeel
  3. Sharing special moments - You can share good news with your family and friends by using MTN CallerFeel
  4. Self expressions - What better way can you use to express yourself other than MTN CallerFeel?
  5. And lots more