Three Profitable Businesses You Can Venture Into and Make Cool Money This Year

It is a very popular practice for people to set out plans for the new year.  Therefore, it is not unlikely that you too have set your plans for the year.  However, some people base their plans on their monthly salaries which, in most cases, may not even be enough.

I am set to help you this year with three most profitable businesses that you can venture into with little or no money and make huge income. The business require little or no capital to start.

Enough story!  These are the businesses that will roll in unending cash for you this year if you venture into them.

1. Mini-importation Business:  This involves importing products from other countries to Nigeria at cheap wholesale prices.  This is a very lucrative business that you can start with a little capital - as low as N20, 000 will make sense, though you can start with less than that.  It is guaranteed that you can make over 100% gain in two weeks. 

You do not need to be a computer guru to start this business.  As far as you can read, you are good to go.  Your goods will be delivered in your doorstep.   

Mind you, this is not the free shipping aliexpress stuff that you will have to wait for months before receiving your goods.  With this, you receive your goods in 10 days or less.

More details about this business in the course of the week.  Just keep on visiting this blog and you'll get more details before the week runs out.

2. Referrer Marketing: This involves referring people to a website and making money from it.  You can start this business with as low as N500 and you can make as much as N4, 000 per day depending on your seriousness.  A good referrer marketing website in Nigeria is www.coolnaira.com.  

You are only required to register free and upgrade with N1, 000.  After your upgrade, you will be given N500 registration bonus.  This means you have only spend N500. I'll also dwell more on this later but if you cannot wait, you can visit www.coolnaira.com immediately and register.  The next thing is for you to start inviting people.

One good thing about the website is that they will give you free promotional materials so you do not need to stress yourself when inviting people. 

Use this link to visit the website: https://www.coolnaira.com/?id=yemak2009.

Alternatively, you can visit directly and type  yemak2009 as your sponsor's username because you cannot register without a sponsor.

3. Online Freelancing: Is there any skill you have and you are looking for ways of showcasing the skill?  Here is an opportunity for you.  Online freelancing has to do with rendering services online and making money from it.
There are many online freelancing websites but the most popular is fiverr.  On fiverr, you render a service for $5.  You can make as much as $200 or more in a week with this website.

Space will not permit me to explain all that is needed but I'll treat it later next week.

Dear friend and reader of this post, this is an opportunity for you to make extra money this year.  There is nothing bad if you even go into the three businesses at once.

*** In case you need in-depth details or the step by step guide and mentoring on any of the businesses above, do not hesitate to call me on 08035661205 or send a mail to akinssquared2000@yahoo.com. 

E-books are available for Mini-importation and Online Freelancing.

I wish you good luck and Happy New Year.

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